Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Entry for my Boyfriend.

Pag nakaka kita ako ng mga new couple/ bfgf tapos masyadong mag inarte tapos after ilang months o araw break na. as audience akalain mong nanunuood ng realit-v feeling ko lang nakakaloko. I hate break ups actually.  Then I am thinking back sa panahon na naging ganun din kami ng bf ko. It feels like paradise actually maybe I acted that way too maybe not I dunno. If your inlove you tend to do things which you actually don't know you are already doing, But one thing is for sure my love for him grows stronger and stronger. I can't visualize my life without him. others   may think that i am blinded by his love but that's the way it is baby, When you found that right person The one do everything for you and most of all the one that is sent to you by God You can never think of replacing that One person whom you truly treasure.


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