Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pyromusical Competion

Hello guys! I am very, AS IN VERY! excited to share this story to you guys. Last Saturday me and my Boyfriend went to SM mall of asia. We are planning to have a date since february but du to our hectic scheds we can't find a time, Only in March 10 2012 hehehe.♥‿♥  Our first plan actuallly is just to watch movie in the theater however i don't know where he got the idea of watching pyromusical. He is in the office most of the time and last two weeks I am a bakasyonista babe in Parniaque hehehe.


I woke up around 6:30 am still still sleepy so i slept again then I heared my phone beeps so i opened it i saw his text then BOOM!the message said "good morning! i'm on my way to your house see you late! i miss you i love you so much!" gosh! i'm cramming i still need to take a bath and everything ... i really thought that he will come here around 1 pm or sometime after lunch since the pyromusical  is schedule  at night OMG i am really in a hurry! He pick me up here around 12:30pm however he fix my mom's laptop first while watching stairway to heaven via fox filipino hehe. that's the reason why we went out of the house 1:30 pm hahahaha.We are so hooked at the show he is even teasing me that I am blushing ahahaha.

We arrived at Mall of asia around 3:30 pm  He asked me where I want to eat I want him to decide actually because I am shy hehehe but when i saw BONCHON! I said to him that I want to eat in there! It is our first time together to eat at Bonchon. more in depth review about bonchon coming right up!

After eating we stroll around the mall enjoying each other's time it is also our first time together in MOA.(✿◠‿◠  Then we both our tickets. One thing I love about my bf is that he always make me feel special. I don't actually know that it is a pyromusical I don't even know that we need to buy tickets hahaha I don't know even that it is a competion haha. ALL I KNOW IS THAT WE ARE GOING TO WATCH FIREWORKS HAHAHA. how stupid I am haha.  

Boyfriend was been intrgue by Auntie's annes Pretzel so He bought the simpleast one so he can taste it better. He also bought in Watson's some of he's beauty/hygienic essentials. yes, You red it right he has his own hehehe. In person my boyfriend skin is better than mine >.<

The much awaited event ok pictures can tell the story hehehe I realized that i talk so much hahaha.

That's it! Hope you enjoy reading my post even I blabber too much! the Pyromusical is really nice I was amaze with everything I want to watch it again ^_^ I haven't took the picture of the band "bloomfields" they are completely amazing I hate it that i haven't took pictures of them because i run out of battery haiz... the drummer is really cute also the  vocalist my gosh hahahah.. see you again guys! you can watch it on march 17 2012 this is your last chance so go and have fun!


I am very happy to hear anythingn from you feel free to comment ^_^