Sunday, September 4, 2011

A review of clinique rinse off foaming cleanser mousse

Hello Everyine! I'm going to review a product that which is kind a special for me, I'm currently using it for my face and it do WONDERS :) It's the "Clinique -rinse- off- foaming- cleanser-mousse" yeah the name is loooonngg hehehe. anyways here it goes.

Where did I learned about this product?

          Honestly, my auntie gave it to me as  present (she love giving stuffs on me hehehe) but i didn't use it instantly it's because I'm  already happy with my usual facial care routine, wash my face with soap put moisturizer afterward then I'm done. I't is also because my mom always tell me not try many products in my face because it might not be a good combination.

The reason for using this product...

           It came to a point that I got some skin problems particularly at  the sides of my face near the hairlines and into my  forehead. Since March this is my dillema, I bought meds and it works I use triderm  I've red a book about skin deseases and pick up the treatment that beast suite for my signs and symptoms(guys I warn you don't try this. always consult a doctor).

         After 2 months finally I already consulted a doctor to where I'm also working(I saved money since she is my co-worker I got a free consultation yipee! ). She told me that it was Skin Asthmas  >__<  base on my HPI. I also have this tiny spots which i don't know what the heck is doing into my forehead T__T That means I need to be more careful with my skin it also means I need to give much attention to it. My simple facial routine is over. ALL THE REASONS HAVE SAID. I must give my CLINIQUE a try since it's the only product that i know I have and is hypoallergenic.

What  I like about this product?

         > It's very matipid to use! just a size of a pea is enough to clean my entire face.
         > It's 100% fragnance free! I have this allergic rhinitis that's why it's a super yehey for me :)
        > after using it for 1 night I already feel the clean feeling that I'm looking for.
        >  it removes dirt and make up on my face.
What I don't like about this product?

        > There's only onething  I don't like about it. I don't think it's available here in the phils
            and  if ever it is available here it might get too pricey maybe I'll just contact my auntie to
            buy some for me again  hahaha.


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