Tuesday, January 17, 2012

REVIEW: Cool Betty Firming moist liquid foundation(BB cream)

Today is Wednesday here in this part of the world. Since everyone knows that I'm love  BB Creams because of what it can give to my skin here is another BB cream that I puchase last Sunday.

To be honest I'm kinda scared to use this because I havent bought it on a reputable store and I cannot understand what's written on the box! I'm too scared that it might give me break outs! My mom warned me not to buy this and if it leads me to dermatologic problems she would not bring me to the doctor huhuhuhu (>.<)

For me being stubborn I still gave it a try... I wish for the best and hope that it wouldn't give me problems.

credits to the owner.  I also found at that an online shop also sells this product however it an indonesian online shop so I couldn't understand what's written on the page  T_T how i wish i could! 


I love it's simple packaging and the fact that it's on a bottle with a pump thing on it which i dont need to squeeze it anymore.

this is my skin with a little of the product I could say that unlike other bb creams it's not that white and really matches my ski complexion.

this is my other hand without the BB cream. 

My verdict. 

     It matches my skin complexion.
     It has this pump thing which allows me not to squeeze it anymore.
     It is very light wieght and very easy to spread :)
     It last almost the whole day! 

     I don't know much about this cosmetic line.
     I cannot understand what's written on the box.:(

How about you? do you know any about this BB cream or even about this make up line? c'mon share it :> 


  1. Where did you get this? :D The packaging is really pretty, reminds me of Dolly Wink~ Followed you back btw ♥ Love, Val of thedollprincess ^_^

  2. hello doll princess! I bought it on the new mall near 168 the sellers are korean and they told me it's all orignal and they also using it :) there is alot of varieties to choose from! and yes there is also a dolly wink bb cream and this one also looks like a dolly wink :)

  3. I've never heard of this brand before but I managed to google up and found out that this is basically an online cosmetic brand made in china. This brand is endorsed by "Xie Na" quite famous young female host in China. The brand carries quite a huge range of products such as false eyelashes, mascara,eyeliner etc. By looking at the packaging, the concept and products are quite similar to Japan's Candy Doll/Dolly Wink cosmetic. I think the brand is quite ok since it was endorsed by a famous host in China. Hope this helps =)

  4. this is a great help janet! thanks alot ^__^ yes this was endorsed by a fomous host actually i dont know her i just saw her mini 1x1 size pic inside the box. I want to try more staffs in the said store hehehe they offer alot and it's way cheaper compared to others :)

  5. I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming! facial massager


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