Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i just wanna share. :>

Hello everyone this one is super over due. everything I'm going to shar are all from my last month accessory haul. I want to share this to all of you because I really loving all of them 

See how sparky all of them   They are exactly what I wanted something which is not typically seen in the malls however not as expensive as what are being sell in branded accessory shops or even just in the department stores. My favorite among all this is the pink bracelet Seriously I loooveeee it!


  1. AMAZING BLOG! :))

    Followed you dear! It'll be awesome if you could follow back. :)


  2. thankyou so much! of course! i will do follo back ^__^ thankyou for following it's my pleasure <3

  3. adorable <3
    and you're right.. that bracelet is really cute. i like it too :)


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