Sunday, January 22, 2012

Long weeked for all!

I was been out for 4 days here at blogger since I am doing things for myself. You know work. looking for work.However it seems like it's not my lucky time, Onion IconsI am almost hired but it didn't continue I passed all the exams both oral and written but when it comes to the medical exam I failed there visual exam don't get me wrong I can see clearly as in SUPER CLEAR all my life i haven't use anything just to enhance my vision since birth. It just happened that   one of my eyes are extremely bright while the other is extremely weak. Very anusual thing for brief explanation just google this term "lazy eye."(⋋▂⋌)

Enough of that sad story! Move on! It's Chinese New year here in the Philippines!  Kung Hei Fat Choi! Everyone Onion Emoticon I must say that Chinese new year is one of the colorful events here in the world and very much celebrated as well not only by Chinese people but also with other nationalities not to mention that even those who are not chinese appreciate very much the lucky charms!I bet that with hard work and positive thinking that made Chinese people arise from everybody else. 

And ow, before I forgot hehehe I have 7 product reviews for you guys! coming right up! The prods will be suprise hehehe to give you a hint it's 1 concealer 2 lotions 2 soaps and 2 girl hygienic stuffs (don't think yuckiness guys I will do it on the nicest way girls in the Philippines this is specially for you!) Hope this product review will be a great help for all of you guys MSN Onion Emoticons

Before I end this post I ant to share to you the food that I'm going crazy this past few days Onion Icons hehehehe it's just a SIMPLE SALAD but I'm TOTALLY inlove with this hehehe I am also in a diet mode guys!

Have a great day everyone!


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