Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review about UK derm pharma Papaya Herbal soap with dual whitening efffect.

Good day to all of you! Remember the soap I am talking about last time? Ow well I am ready to confess everything about it. I just finish bathing an hour ago and I think my first experience with it is enough for me to judge this soap. SO LET'S GO! let's start!

UK DERM PHARMA is a new brand for me. This soap is introduce by my tita she told me that her sister is using it and it's very EFFECTIVE. You can see how much I am excited to use this soap on my previous quick post about this. I got this soap for free but you can buy this at isetann mall near Quiapo for only 48 pesos.

This are the ingredients of this product sorry to lazy to type! hehehe
In the box it said that it is a Filipino pure organic herbal soap and it offers dual whitening effect SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY. Enriched with papaya enzyme and vitamin A blended with troical herbs and proven to whiten smoothen skin.

let see if this product is not lying. hmmm.


1. It's cheap
2. It smoothen my skin.
3. My skin seems to be whiter! (well i am also using another products combine with this product, but I could say that this soap really helps/ when combine with my other whitening products totally gives a better effect)
4. It has a vitamin A
5. It has papaya enzyme. I love papaya ^_^
6. It is made in the philippines totally made for filipinos :)
7. It is organic

1. Not available nationwide. My tita's sister resides at laguna when she runs out of this soap she still need to go to Isetann Quiapo.
2. It has this Astringent action which I am totally Afraid of, I am scared that my skin might have this peeling somehthing effect :( 

Over all rating:
this soap is not lying however It is still in probation for me hehehe. maybe 1 MONTH MORE :)


  1. Nice review...nowadays, there are a lot of papaya soaps in the market wherein you don't know which brand tops off but based on the ingredients it seems pretty decent and the price is not bad either..Thanks for the review..^_^~

    1. thankyou janet. ^_^ yes sis that's very true! nowadays parang kabuting nasusulputan ang mga beauty products kaya dapat wise din kapag mag tatry lalo na kung pera mo ang gagamitin sa pag bili hehehe so better be sure na may quality talaga ung product dba thanks for reading!

  2. kojic is still the best though =)

  3. I saw this in the Essentials shelf and I want to try the soap. I was hesitant and thought of researching about it first.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  4. Saan po sa isetann sa supermarket ba?

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