Monday, March 5, 2012

Purbasari Mandi Lulur Whitening.

Good Morning everyone! I woke up around 6: 30 in the morning and the first thing I want to do is to write a post about Purbasari body scrub because it is so terrific! My GOSH I am totally in love with this product, It never fails me. 

What I love with this product:
It is not expensive! 129 PESOS ONLY!
You can buy it at Watsons. I love it coz I am at watsons most of the time.
I LOVE HOW IT REACTS ON MY SKIN! this product has a lot of goodness! by the time you scrub it in your body you can really feel how refreshing and cleaning it reacts to your skin. Unlike other products that are only good at the first use,this one is totally not like that!

What I don't like:
Well A lot may like it's smell but to me it's unfortunately not that good. You know I have this allergic rhinitis although it's not that harmful I still want a lighter scent.
Sorry but I know most of body scrub are place in this type of container but I actually don't like it too. One time kasi nabubo yung product sa C.R it's really a hassle :(

That's all for now my dear readers. I may be going to HBC main branch today or tomorrow I am planning to color my Light havanna! They are also giving free service when you buy 300 peso worth of merchendises so i MUST enjoy that privelage!

I am going to leave you with this photo of mine. ciao! thanks for reading!


  1. indeed! instant exfoliating agad yun felt super smooth instantly ^_^~..the only downside nga lang is the smell..kinda weird and the packaging too! ~

    1. super tama ka dyan sis!I actually have a photo of my knees , my knees are not that dar but it's not close too perfection also, I just love how smooth and light it looks like after using this scrub!di ko lang nalagay hehehe isisingit ko nlng siguro mamaya. ^__^


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