Saturday, March 3, 2012

spaghetti for the twins!

Hello! last wednesday I cooked spaghetti  for my twin cousins! Recently I am sharing a lot of things about food specially if I am the one who is cooking here on my blog but never said that one of the things I love to do is to make good food. :)

This are my ingrediets onions, garlic and most specially Hotdogs!you know it would not be a pinoy spag if there is no hotdogs hehehe.
 I forgot to mention that I put beef and mushrooms on my spaghetti too.

First I cooked the beef "NO OIL" because oil will eventually come out "hayaan mo siyang maluto sa sarili niyang mantika" hehehe.
then after that net thing you will add is the hotdogs. I want all meat to be cook well because most of the time if this ingrediets are not cook properly they are the cause of food spoiling specially in hot climate.

Everything is now add up here!! i can smell a very delicious aroma!

add the spaghetti sauce and a lot of cheese then stir it properly. Also add salt, sugar and  pepper. season to taste.
I almost forgot! This are the sauce and the noodles i used to cook this dish!
Almost done yipeee :)

And there you have it! my spaghetti made with so much love for the twins!

I am glad they like it so much!


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