Monday, January 16, 2012

Alina Make up Hidrante Review.

I was on a look out for something glowy for my face to achieve that dewy look I am looking for, ever since. However ALL I SEE in malls are just shimmery ones. I don't want a glitter in my face, I'm looking for a glow like something like oily however i Don't want an over oily face.

Lucky I am, I found out about this cool product. I want to be honest I am very hesitant to give this product a try at first because I never hared of anything about this and it is very cheap. But curiosity and too much likeness to have that glowy skin effect push me to say yes and try this.

I am very happy with this product   Although I have some worries that I Might have breakouts I wish that it wouldn't happen. 


  1. hi marycris! thanks for your comment in my blog ;)

    anyway, i suggest you use BB Cream instead.. i really like it and it gives your skin the glow you are looking for.. i have been using maybelline's BB Cream for months now and am very satisfied with the results. it's a bit pricey for 250 pesos for only a few ml but it really is worth it. mine lasted for 2 to 3 months so sulit talaga yung 250 =)

  2. yeah nag iipon na nga rin ako ng mga bb cream eh hehehe although my glow na nga siya na tulad nung hinahanap ko siguro yung gusto ko eh yung parang floorwax yung mukha ^_^ anyways thanks talaga :) watch out for my Cool Betty bb cream review ^_^


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