Friday, September 30, 2011

when it's 12 in the morning and you have nothing to do.

Hello everyone sorry for being M I A. I'm going to share to you  this pictures, It's not all a High quality pic because we only use a iphone for this black and white photo  and a DSLR  on the other photos. We are not professional photographers but still I'm going to share this because I think it worth a look.  I'm the one who post process it by the way and make the croping, collage thingy.  hope you like it ^_^

that is my cousin Mariel, She's actually a fashion designer. great right? When I'm troubled what clothes I'm going to wear , if it's appropriate  or not I consult her most of the time.

Obviously the girl that is in the picture was me. looking drunk but, No I'm not. We made this shoots out of boredom it was already 12 in the morning when we decided to do this.

This is my favorite of all my shots hehehe I look so happy with this picture and it really captures my heart. I love it too because I'm wearing a yellow colored top which i really adore. As what we all know, yellow is my color :)

What we my cousin love at this pic is that it has a illusion that she has a short hair even it's not.

Also one of my faves. make up by my  Mariel also. 

That's all for now dolls, hope you like what I've shared. stay cool happy and fresh all the time. ^_^



  1. You girls are so pretty! Love your eye makeup!

  2. @mestizay: thankyou! hope we follow each other :)


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