Saturday, October 8, 2011

HAUL!! and some review

HELLO everyone I'm back ^_^ and this post is dedicated to all the things that I bought  hehehe  :)) it's random  guys, I bought a lot of things make up, accessories  and the like so what are we waiting for? let's start ^__^

This is my Kokuryo summer cake in jade foundation I'm going to use it as a corrector for my blemishes. I've red a lot of good reviews about this and also seen it on many videos as well, and it really do it's work ^_^ Hope it works on me too. I also love for reasons it's an asian product made form japan :) it is also very cheap I got it for only 87.75 php :)

This is my ELF eyeli primer, got it for 120php bought it at SM department store . I'm actually looking for  cream stick type of primer by elf but they don't have it  so sad :(

I'm actually looking for a not so pricey face powder and actually found this one ^_^ I just bought the refill because it's half way more cheaper than the one with mirror. this one cost 55php only! hehehe I actually smiled when I found this. imagine my face with some sparkling eyes too hahaha. BTW I'm on the shade of honey :)

Ow ! This is my human love nature sun flower beauty oil. I've red a lot of good reviews regarding this one and that made me buy this! It said that it helps minimizes dark circles, strecth marks , lighten dark under arms and even add healthy - looking  shine on my hair.  it is also 100% no harmful chemicals, so it means it is very safe to use. I got this for 130 php.

I'm actually having a problem with my skin. I feel so itchy all around! huhuhu what's worse is I'm having this MAP- LIKE  figure again on the sides of my face. I'm really an allergic person with a sensitive skin, I itch a lot and lead mo to have some wounds , most of the time I can't distinguish to where and what are the causes of my allergies specially my skin allergies but it is true that my skin have fast reactions to anything that irritates it to any extent or cause, THAT WHY i tried this celeteque facial wash suggested by my cousin, her brother(who is also my cousin) tried this too, it a way cheaper than cetaphil because it's a local product. this is dermatologist tested and and fragnance free too. very good for me who also have allergic rhinitis. I already use this for about a week and MAP- LIKE  figures on my face are already gone. it feels really clean too after washing :)

Daiso nose pack! bought at saizen trinoma. I actually don't know that trinoma has a saizen branch! I just learn it form the net. as usual this is only 85php because everything they sell is for that price. This product really works, 1st you need to warm your face to open the pores if you don;t do this part  it won't work. then apply this nose packon your nose, wait for 10- 15 mins then VIOLA! you'll see that you black and white heads are already remove. ^_^ you can only use this tiwce per week :)

I went to landmark makati last week then saw this ow so cute banggels(do i get that right?) hehehe. It's only for 108php. I'M planning to go back to buy different styles because it's kinda cheap :)

bought this for less than 500php at landmark very cheap!! I actaully saw this to at alexadrea at SM north edsa it cost there 1k plus!! mg golly! so expensive!

head bands bought for 35php at a chinese store :)

pearl necklace bought at a  chinese store 78php only!

So that's all for now guys hope you enjoy my haul and mini review post! until next time, have a fabulous day ahead everyone ~bye!



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  3. that celeteque wash is good. just don't use it everyday or more than once a day, it may dry your skin.:) thanks for dropping by. i added you too.

  4. @pril: thanks for the info :) now i know the reason why after using it twice a day my skin looks dry. thanks again :)

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  13. I love your affordable haul! gotta try that Jade shade of Kokuryu! :)

  14. it's great to buy affordable products after all what matter most is the quality right? ^_^ try it too, i heard a lot of good comments about it. :)

  15. where did you get the human nature sunflower beauty oil?


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