Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some of My Favorite Make Ups for every day use :)

Hello everyone while I'm writing this post it's currently raining here again in Philippines, It feel so cold again and  looking for a hot cocoa  but  unfortunately we don't have a cocoa,  so i'm just eating right now Toblerone in Swiss milk chocolate with Honey Almond Nougats, yummy? yeah I know hehehehe.

So these are my favorite OTG make ups. Most of them are also very afordable and easy to find out. to prove that it is very easy to reach almost all my make ups are bought at department stores and Watsons.

This is  my usual liquid eyeliner. The brand name is Crayon, There is really extra ordinary about this ,just your usual  liquid eyeliner but  what I like about this product is first  it is very cheap it only cost 98php (shocks!) , very easy to remove and not that messy at all when applying. I bought this at Watsons, SM Novaliches. I'm looking for it at other stores or branches of Watsons but unfortunately I don't find - so sorry. 

This is my favorite blush on specially the shade i really love that pink frosting hehehe. This was bought in States I don't know if this is available here in Philippines but there is a shade like this which I've seen at the Ever Bilena Cosmetics roughly 125php I guess. I really love this because I'm a fan of using liquid foundations and mousse type of blush ons blends well with my face. I'm into Flawless type look hehehe I guess every girl loves that look ^_^

This is very amazing! such an adorable  product! ow it's OMG a gift from heaven? hahaha. I love this so much!  for 50ml, you can buy this for only 145php, I'm NOT sure but it is roughly at 130-160php .It has light coverage, I like it more than my BB cream. I can go out with only this in my face, It really looks natural as if I'm not wearing  make up hehehe I think that's what you called sheer  natural finish and with that I will not look overdone.VERY GOOD :D 

Next in line was my Crayon eybrow powder, I got this for only 98php hahaha geez.. this make up line really saves my budget! I'm actually going to buy that day a maybelline eyebrow powder because that is what I'm really using, but since I saw this I change my mind and instead buying maybelline I bought this one. For everyday use I recommend this because it's very cheap, yet at first you need to practice using it many times to get the right blending.

This is my all time favorite lip gloss it has a mint flavor and cooling effect on your lips. It's like an Etude product, I just forgot what product of Etude resembles it. this was also bought in states I forgot the brand it was written there actually but I'm always holding it fades hehehe. 

I want to say excuse me first for my nails because it's kind a dirty hahaha. well this is my OTG lipstick I bought this on SM department store and the product line is Fashion21,it's on the shade of little mermaid. cool name right? hehehe. I got it for only 145php. It is very nice when match with my lip gloss above their :)

and for my blemishes, and imperfections I conceal it using my ever trusted nichido concealer. you can buy this at all SM department stores, Landmarks, and watsons :) I won't elaborate it anymore because I believe that a lot of us girls or even boys have already tested it. :) That's all for now guys hope you have fun and my post is informative.  God bless you all see you soon  don't forget to follow me on good friend connect ^_^  bye ~Marycris


  1. i love those lipsticks! thanks for dropping by my blog.. followed you back dear :)

  2. thankyou for the comment :) the lipstick is also soft in the lips ^_^ i already followed you back and I love your fashion sense!

  3. Interesting products! I find them cute :)


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