Monday, March 12, 2012

Very tired and blogging thoughts

Hello guys. I am very tired my body is aching and I am full of hematomas (pasa in tagalog) Ow well I will rest I know that my body is so fragile I get this hematomas easily. 

I noticed that my blog is full of reviews. I want to remind everyone that this blog is not only for product reviews this is for anything under the sun that I am interested of sharing out to everyone. This blog is purposely made for my craving thoughts for my idealistic mind and also for my fantasies hehehe which I am shy to talk about outside the internet world.

Blogging for me is a place for becoming free and expressive well Freedom has it's limitations to I know. 

I think I should end this post. For now I would think of better blogging post so that this blog will grow better. 


  1. You said it right. =)

  2. write about your hobbies, what you like. well, if you like to test make up then make a review, then let it be. :) don't force yourself, the topics will come. heehehehe..^^

  3. thakyou everyone for your feedbacks and suggestions! you are all right. :)however i still need to compose myself. and lest's see what will happen in the future :)


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