Monday, April 2, 2012

Make up tutorial inspired by Ms. Alodia Gosiengfao

Hello everyone I am back again with a make up tutorial today I am going to show you an inspired look by Ms. alodia Gosiengfao she is a very famous cosplayer from Philippines and I love how she enhance her features with the way she put's her make up. She looks like a living doll actually hehehe. 

Before I start I don't own this photos of her thanks to google for this hehehe. ^_^ So let's start. :)
My version of this is not Super duper imitating and very easy to do. Can wear everyday with  oly putting little amount of make up on your face. 

Sorry I forgot to smile hehehe.

Step 1

We need to prime our face so that the make up will stay longer in our dear faces you can also use your mosturizers as primers.  

Step 2

Then Use your favorite foundation. what i use here is my Ever Bilena liquid foundation in almond. 

Step 3

Apply concealer. My concealer is SanSan concealer in beige. You might be wondering why i put first the  liquid foundation first rather than the concealer it's because liquid foundation is put by swiping it into your face while the concealer is put by tapping some of the product ino your spots and blemishes. it's a waste of effort if your going to carefully tap it onto your face then will just be swipe by the process of putting your liquid foundation.

Step 4

Fix your brows. Alodia has this dark brows with a young looking touch. so do it as well :) I use maybelline powder eyerbow something hehehe.

Step 5

Apply primer to your lids. apply plain white shade into your eyes afterwards. then  here's the main catch of the look. Alodia has this gyru like ulzzang like make up in the eyes We need Black eyeliner for this or black eyeshadow color to line the eyes. un the upperlid I do that not so angled but angled line connecting it to the lowerlids so it would not look like kinda akward. don't put black liner into your entire lower lid just put it from the outward going to the minddle  part of the lower lid. I use black eyeliner only here but it would be better if your going to put black eyeshadow first for your upperlids then  add the liquid black eyeliner.

Step 6

we are almost done!  for the lips i use NYX diamond sparkle lipgloss in Red sparkle.

Step 7

put blush on. i use glish Diva dust. it gives that very light effect  that is so soft looking :) then it's finish :)

Hope you like my tutorial this time ! stay tune for more :)


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