Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where have I been?

 I have never talked about my absence. It's not true that I am tired of blogging. I'VE BEEN CRAVING TO BLOG AND BLOG  AGAIN AGAIN. Even i have readers or not so that means that accusation is completely a LIE.I just went from  A LOT of adjustments. As in A LOT! so what's all this adjustment all about? It's about work. YES work again. This is what I don't want about having a job to do I have less time for blogging but if i have a lot of time to blog I am running out of ideas to blog about. hahaha. same thing when i say I have a lot of time but i have no money and vice versa hahahaha. geeezz...

I am now a treasury assistant in a corporation. It's a very different thing from what I have studied about and from my previous job.

My job revolves from all that "cheque talks" YES I handle cheques I Check the cheques.  thank God my mom is an bank empoloyee before for almost 20 years, she can teach me things that I must remember and i must not do. She's my guide to life hehehe.

I am still at that adjustment stage specially, enviromental factors. dealing with people. and all that stuffs, name it I must learn.

for now I would like to share to you some of the things that i am doing and make me love life. I would also share some of the stuffs that i have bought since day one from my absence.Sorry i can't make a review for it but If I have time  I will definitely should. :)

Every night or i should say most of my time after work. I tend to reread this book which I have bought years and years ago when I was still a college student.This book is more useful now for me since I am now dealing exactly at what the book is all about a "workplace". This book is actually a worth buying. It teaches life values and how to make a differenc to know more you should read it for yourself :)

I also bought this off beat pink lipstick from ever bilena. I know a lot of bloggers have talk about it and it is very late for me to try. hehehe

I have this neautrigena lipbalm on noerweigan formula.  i dunno what's the difference of this compared to other but for already a month of using this product made my lips less cracky and putting lipstick much easier.

I bought hair removal cream from glam works by watsons. I AM LOVEING the product! the next time i am going to sm i will buy nivea quick dry deodrant too :))

Yesterday i went to salon with my officemate she want to have a hair like mine. I told her it's only cellophane but a permanent one. so while waiting for her i also decided to have my hair cellophaned again since my roots are already showing i also  ask them to  trim my hair since the ends are not that healthy 
anymore. I am happy with the result. 

I also bought my favorite lipstick! fashion21 in little mermaid! yehey! I feel pretty again! 

I bought two boxes of silka papaya whitening soap! I love this soap  and you all know that i love silka! btw I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS for reading my reviews and telling me that my notes are really useful! thankyou so much!

I guess this is a wrap guys. thanks for reading :)


  1. I am glad you are back to blogging na sis! Keep safe!


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