Sunday, September 11, 2011

A chinese dinner with my family

So what's on? uhuh... yeah.. I get it. I need to share something, something which is more personal than my make up and vanity things hehe. Last last last last.... I dunno when it happens sorry , My family and other relatives ate at causeway. It's a chinese resto near in our place I mean they have a branch near in ours because as what I know they already have many branches here in metro Manila I just do't know if it's the same outside the metro.

four seasons!! My favorite of all. ~nom nom nom  :)

Yummy pork asado! Love this one too ^_^

very tasty soups delicious :)

How about you guys? have you tried eating at Causeway Restaurant? Share some happiness. Goodbye everyone enjoy! :)


I am very happy to hear anythingn from you feel free to comment ^_^