Sunday, September 11, 2011

My wish list

Good evening everyone,Have you eaten your dinner? Do you have fan the whole day? Me i slept the whole morning because I'm awake the whole night hahahaha  Well it's not part of my plan to be awake until 4 am  but it happened . for some particular reasons, enough for that blah blah. let's go to the main topic my wish list :)  So if there is someone who is kind, giving and helpful to those who are in need (I'm in need mhen! i need of some money to by this stuffs hahaha) I will be very much happy  / p l e a s e

So here is the list  / hi hi

Firt I want to start with Lulur Asian Secrets.I really want to have this product because I've read alot of good reviews about It's a whitening body scrub, I have a high hopes that this may really even out my skin color (cross fingers) plus it's really cheap the small one cost 80 php and the bigger one cost 140php . not bad right?

The next that I want to have is the Dollface 20 pc corrective concealer pallete. You guys just really don't know how much I'm aiming for this. As in!! as in super like!! At first I really want to buy the  Dollface single concealer it's a really huge concealer very sulit (best buy) for the price but I also want to have the 4pc corrective palletes from the Lulu make up instead buying to separate brands and also containers I decided to buy nalang the corrective concealer  pallete. It only cost 900php. kinda expensive na for someone like me who is always on a tight budget but for the average this is a really good buy because for the amount of 900php you already have 20 PC corrective/ concealer shades, unlike buying 1 pc single concealer that already cost 450php.

20 pc corrective pallete by Doll face
The Dollface individual concealer

I also like to purchase this an endless rave I think about the Ever bilena off beat pink. The first time I've seen this on the department store is already a love at first sight but with hestations hahaha. I'm such a pink lip lover I'm searching for the best pink lipstick that I can have which is not expensive then I saw this and I saw  a lot!  then I've chosen the wrong one  / o m g urgh?! failed!! Now I'm including this to my wishlist .it only cost 145php.

Since I already mentioned about Ever bilena cosmetics The next in line our also from the same make up line. 

Ever bilena eybrow pencil for redefining my brows  For me cake brows are not enough this cost 55php I guess

Ever bilena Extreme lipstick in Poppy love. I just think this shade is nice and some kind of a replica of my  Estee lauder lipstick, I forgot what shade it is but kind a darker a bit :). This cost 155php

I'm also raving about this product this is Fashion21 loose powder in No.1 This cost 175php

I have a lot more to share to you guys but I'm already tired and sleepy. I'll just make a part two. thanks for reading / b y e


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