Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I just decided to share my OOTD (as how they called it on youtube ^_^) to all of you guys. I play more on simple, casual looks less accesorize on this one still hope you like it :)

so here is my look :)

 basic pink top from Terranova
Shorts from Roxy

Gladiator/boots/lady gaga shoes from Tomato

Have a nice day everyone!
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peace and love  =)


  1. Oh hai! Thanks for checking out my blog! Glad you like music! Hihi.. I followed you aswell! Nice look btw! <3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE! Your shoes!!! Nice! Nice! (^v^ )v

  2. @toffinshan: SUPER SUPER SUUUUPER Thankyou!!!!! for the compliment ^__^ your background music makes me stay longer on your blog very very nice too (",)

  3. @ bee : thankyou so much ^_^

  4. nice fun outfit!
    i love the shoes. they look so fierce on you~! :)

  5. @lena: thankyou sis :) it's actually the highlight of my look ^__^


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