Wednesday, October 12, 2011

REVIEW:Mary kay and MAC products

Hello everyone, I'm upadating my blog as how many times as i could because anytime I will be working again, my vacation is over guys T_T  that's why I'm  making the most of everything  most specially for my blog (sigh) anyways I must be happy. there are a lot of people who wants to work but could n't find any job. I must be thankful, I must enjoy the moment.  back to the topic,  As of now, I actually don't have any intentions reviewing  Mary kay and M.A.C products but someone requested me to review any products of this line which I have, I can't turn it down, She is one believer so why will I ignore that simple request right? So REQUEST GRANTED for you darling ^_^ I only have few  products from this make up lines because some of them are already expired and some, I just gave it to my other people who I think will best if they are the one who will going to use it :)

This is my M.A.C lipstick the shades are brave and the marrakesh personally speaking I like more the "brave" becuase it's on the lighter shade. I'm a pink girl you know hahaha.

about the Brave:

I could say that this one is more of a pink- beige, it looks like the natural color of my lips and it only enhance it. this look so natural. it's smooth on the lips and doesn't flake  when i was still in college that was  almost a year ago or let me me just say that I graduated this last march 2011 only hahaha, this is my favorite lipstick to use because it is not  too striking at all but very appealing :)

Here is a picture of me wearing my brave shade of lipstick from m.a.c :)

So let's talk about the Marrakesh

I like how red it is, densely pigmented,Marrakesh is an intense orange brown exotic looking and velvety although we all now I'm in love with pink i should say that when I like a fierce look I would use this for a change instead of the usual "scarlet shade" :) 

at this picture you could me wearing it and the swatch.

this is my mac plushglass .

the shades name is "full for you" I actually like it's name

It looks very glittery and sparkly in the tube; once applied on my lips, it leaves more of a sheer "stain" with a subtle pink/berry tint. Although sheer, the colour still cute ^_^. Overall, I like this product, but lipglass are still the best, speaking of lipglass

this picture is from the net sorry if i can't provide an original pic because i already throw  my mac lipglass after emptying the tube.

i love mac lipglass! they are so beautiful! my favorite is this pink lemonade! i always top this with my favorite mac lipstick the shade of  brave, it is very easy to apply  I hope that one day i can purchase this again a really must have! :)

for my Mary kay products. 

this is Mary kay pale blush the name describes it self, it pale like a pink rose on your cheecks uhmm,, much paler i guess. I don't use this often because i'm not the type of girl who usually use blush ons. any ways i love it because it is on a cream form :)

this is how it looks like 

lotion from mary kay to be honest haven't use it often it's just a reserve hehehe

SO, That's all for now guys ^__^ to my friend who requested this hope this one could be helpful for you and also to you guys who are reading my blog :) don't forget to follow me on google friend connect , don't be shy do some comments :)lovelots everybody! 



  1. Nice post , Cris!

    By the way,
    I tagged you for an award...


  2. Thnkyou bee!!! sige i will check it out and make a post for it too ^__^

  3. nice stuffs. im actually jealous haha i cant afford such things lol.

    **about the erase thing, i just apply it on my scars/pimples and the next day the pimples are not gone but almost. i think it helps in killing it lol. and i really love the peeling effect. i can put it on my face and after an hour or so i can already see the dead skin cells that are peeled :)

    P.S. followed you now =)

  4. @Jel ♡: thankyou for the comment hehe, naku to be honest kaya nga di pa ako bumili nung lipglass kasi may nkita akong alternative my lipglass din kasi ang hbc if i'm not mistaken heheh panigurado mas mura un hehe after all it's the impact/quality that matter :) hope you don't mind if i speak in tagalog hehe

    **ow nag pe-peal pala talaga siya kapag nagamit. yung nangyari kasi sa akin nag peal tapos nag sugat ulit tapos parang nasunog kasi nag dark :(
    pero gusto ko parin ulit gamitin kasi madami tlga akong naririnig na good reviews baka mali lang talaga suguro ako mag apply.

    thanks for following back :) you made my day ^__^

  5. no problem sis ^^ hehe try mo uli yung erase. baka nasunog lng siguro skin mo or something. kc sakin na fefeel ko na nglighten yung pimple scars. and pinakagusto ko tlaga is yung peeling. hahaha

    p.s. ang englishera ko pala kanina lol :p

  6. @Jel ♡: hahaha, naisip ko kasi mag tagalog kasi filipino naman tayo pareho haha. thanks talaga sis! always keep in touch tayo sa blogs natin hehehe :)

  7. the brave shade of MAC looks good on you!

    i am a new follower ;) i hope you can follow my humble blog too ;)

  8. @eunica: I followed you hehehe. thankyou for the compliment ^__^ let's keep intouch with each other sis :)


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