Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog award O-N-E

HEY everyone, wuzzap? hahaha what a weird intro haha.  i checked my blog then saw a comment from bee she tagged me from an award so here is my version :)

 -Share 7 things about yourself and link back to the person who passed you the award.
-Award 15 blogs and drop them a line about it.

1. I'm a frustrated pianist.

OMG ANG TABA KO!(OMG i'm so fat!)
since I was a kid i always see my dad playing the piano/keyboards im always fascinated with his talent but too lazy to study it, well not that lazy at all because i'm a giving a time for this passion but not too the extent that it is enough for me too learn. for example i already know how to play the 1st verse or the chorus, instead of continuing more i will just stop amf. so stupid right? hehehe. btw i'm only learning thru ear,and watching don't know how to read notes.


c'mon who doesn't love sale? sale for me is everything! hahaha i'm so addicted to it and everytime that malls are on sale i make sure that im very ready to raid it! hahaha.gosh! well of course  still buying with practicality as always :)

3. I have a baby.

see that cute pink mouse with big ears and pink ribbon who actually also did a pose over their? That's my baby! hehehe i love my baby so much i can't sleep with out her. she was given to me as a valentine's gift from my boyfriend, i'm actually not a stuff toy lover but from the time he gave this to me i can't do anything but just to love my baby and take good care of her just like someone who has a real life.

3. i do style my hair, to make it more of my preference I DO CUT IT.:)

YES! i'm the one who really cut's my hair. thats my picture after cutting my hair :) a lot of people like how my hair is cut most often they thought i go to korean/japanese salons but they wouldn't believe or will be shocked after them knowing that  it just only me who is doing all this hahaha. then i'll answer it's a talent :)

4. love those ribbons

it's obvious ribbons are ow so cute :)

5.magic of yarns.


when i see those yarns scattered here on our house i always make this mummy/voo doo dolls  then make it as key chains hehe.
then also make some for my friends because they always make hinge(ask for some) to me hehehe.

6. friends to be cherish forever.

would you believe that even we all have separate lives we ca still keep in touch? well they are all my highschool friends!! and no one have replace our positons to each one's heart. that's what you called true friends and friends forever :)

7. street foods are the best

 i love foods! but i'm inlove with  street foods! hahaha. i'm not that picky person but i'm concern/particular to the cleanliness of anything that goes in with my body BUT when it comes to the street foods as long my stomach will not make any violent reactions(it happen a lot of times haha) i won't stop supporting this kinds of foods hahaha. love it!

sorry haven't make it until 15 hahaha.
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peace and love everyone


  1. Cool post! I'm happy you've made it so fast and with pictures, too!

    By the way, you're sooo cute!
    You just graduated from nursing??? Me, too!
    And I don't see any fat there! hmpff >.< LOL.

    Thanks for doing it, dear! :)))

  2. i have to agree wtih bee. i don't see no fat anywhere! lol
    such a cute post. i enjoyed reading this. :)

  3. @bee: i enjoy doing it honestly thanks for this award :)

    @lena: thnks for reading!

    @bee and lea: well maybe i'm on the process of making my self slimmer hahaha thnks a lot guys!!! lovelots!

  4. Thanks for tagging me dear! :)

  5. Hayoo Cris! Thanks for tagging me ne?! It's nice to know a little bit about you! And I found things I have in common with you! Sale lover, Loves bows aaand likes street food. omg street foods are awesome! Haha

  6. thanks for tagging us sisy! :*

    I do love street foods too! XD though sinasabi nila masama daw. sinasabi ko mas masarap ang bawal haha!

  7. Thankyou Cris! here's my link

  8. This is cool! Thank you Cris :) Will definitely post this on my page :) <3 Happy Weekend!

  9. @toffinshan: yeah street foods are VERY AWESOME cheap yet very good in taste! how i wish i can also try streetfood there in your country my dad told me that it is very nice to live there because he lives there before hehehe.

    @nina: ang sarap- sarap ng pagkaing kalye hahaha. masama kasi yah it's a bit dirty kasi hehehe bawal siya actually sa akin kasi mabilis sumakit tyan ko pero as long di pa sumasakit tyan ko kumakain lng ako ng kumakain hehehe. :)

    @tanya: your welcome sis! :)

    @jewel clicks: welcome and happy weekend too ^_^

  10. thanks for visit me dear~ follow you already :)

  11. @cominica: thanks for droppping by dear! thankyou too for following :)

  12. you are so pretty dear. As a pianist, I recommend you to start with the easiest pieces. Try buying a beginner book then intermediate, that way, it would be easier to memorize all those notes. I agree, Streetfoods are the best, especially for us Filipinos


  13. @tootsie jean: thankyou so much! i'm very happy that you came into my blog :) thankyou too for subsribing :)

  14. Haha. You see! Lena agrees with me! ...i miss street food! T_T HAHA :D

    And you're welcome! ^___^

  15. hahaha wala bang binebenta dyan sa mga filipino stores? then bring it on your house hehehe. me too i miss toknene(as what i believe in it is the quail eggs) haha.

  16. thanks for the award babe, really appreciate it :)

  17. thank you for the award.^.^ we have two things in common: frustrated pianist and street food lover. hehe. i'll do mine on sunday..promise!;p ty again.

  18. Congrats for award .

    You are very cute.

    Following your blog
    care to follow back ?


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