Saturday, October 15, 2011

a little bit ...

Guilty of being MIA for 2 days! Sorry guys hehehe. sorry guys i've been ugh lazy for not upadting my blog becuase my life is been too boring to blog about amf.. 


 uhm ok so what can i share now? besides for losing my newly bought blouse from landmark T_T  i'm looking for it the whole day! i even made my  general cleaning day na nga eh! WOOOSH! i hate it when my things are being lost :(


Yesterday me and my family have attended an anticapated mass which means we will just be staying here in our house for the whole day. hehehe after the holy mass, we decided to eat our dinner at Savory, it's a restaurant which specializes particularly in fried chickens we ate at the congressional branch.

it's the menu  ^_^

we sat near the mirrored wall hehehe that's me making some cam whoring and that's my sister also doing her camwhoring too! (taking pictures of each other as if it's stolen hahaha)

i love the orange look of the place so cute :)

my sister again it seems like i'm taking a lot of pictures of her hehehe, it's because i really love how she smiles ^_^

now, it's my time to shine hahaha 
SORRY i'm not prepared i have no make up in this photo haha.

aw. they look so cute!

it took 15 mins before our oder arrived so here are now the pictures of our FOODS!! ugh,.,, we are now very hungry!

this is my special order! very rich lomi soup as how it was written on the menu. i ordered thos because it is my favorite :)

this is the yang chow rice my brother's favorite we order two because one is not enough ^_^

And the main dish! tasty fried chicken ow so yummy!!!

then we eat everyone is serious eating haha. sorry no pictures to share but this is an evidence that we really enjoyed the food.

i told you we really enjoyed the food hahaha.

my plate hahaha. so full ! :)


after eating we went straight to "Circle C" For those who don't know what circle c is, it is a mall which has a grocery store inside and mini stores/ tiange it is a mini mall. we go their to buy some foods. Me, personally bought  cereals, bread, cheese and powder hehehe.  sorry no pictures for it. before that we stroll around first at the mall, i saw alot of sale!! but it's not yet time to buy for me i need to wait for the end of the month, so i'll have money in short i'm broke hahaha.  i even ask the sales lady if i can still purchase the stuffs that i like at the end of the month she told me yes! and she will even give me a more discount! when i buy a lot of stuffs  i'm talking about the shoes that i like..


for my breakfast, for today i ate  some pandesal, cheese, and fresh milk. and currently blogging right now hehehe

so that's all for now my dear readers hehe hope you still enjoy reading my blog hehe, follow me on GFC . HYPE MY LOOK ON LOOKBOOK
COMMENTS are very appreciated ^_^ i'm very happy to hear from you :)


  1. Thanks for making me hungry! LOL :D

  2. @bee: haha kaw talaga!i bet your foods there in california a more delicious haha

  3. Thank you for following. I followed you back. Seems like you really had a great time. I like Savory Chicken as well. Very yummy. =)

  4. Haha! Maybe... but I'm on a diet now! So, poor me! hahaha :DDD

  5. @jemy tinsay: yeah its really yummy,, thanks for following back, love you outfits as well :)

    @bee: aw,.. don't strict yourself too much when in comes to food hehehe try SFED (type of diet ) you know what i mean :)

  6. you loook like maja salvador there.^.^


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