Sunday, October 16, 2011

my hair rants.

halo everyone it's me again 2nd entry before this day ends. just quick blabbering(i don't know if what i'm going to say willl be senseful of not whatever) of thoughts before i sleep.

I want to dye my hair BLONDE or something like this.

Or something like this.

ugh.. I'm really in the mood changing my hair color. my hair have been virgin since birth! no treatments naturally straight, naturally super black it's because a lot of people reject the idea of dyeing it! nor doing anything from it! even salon people(workers) don't want to change how it was use to be. BUT... recently uh,,, a couple of months ago. i tried cellophane hahahaha. well it do work but it merely shows. my hair is still the BLACKEST BLACK type. I need to go to a place where the sun's light hits very hard to the "dark/orangey/brown" color of my hair will be show. parang wala din dba?(as if it's nothing)i envy my friends who did the same treatment too yet it is very visible to them.

i want to buy a curling iron

well part of re inventing myself i want to have those big curls like what japannese girls do have. as what i said my hair is virgin since birth!  to clarify this first, i love my hair but i guess i need to try more since i'm still young, my hair is my hair and it will be forever my hair. ^__^

so that's all for now guys i feel sleepy already.
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  1. I want to dye my hair also! I been contemplating to go somewhat ash blonde or red, and I think I'm leaning towards red right now (although all these japanese gals make me want blonde)! I also recently got a hair curler and curled my own hair for the first time in many years and I find that herstyler curling iron is great for beginners who aren't used to curling their own hair (cheapest one online is around $40)

  2. japanese gals are really tempting! hehehe, i'm still confuse which of the two will i try and which one will look better on me >__< hehehe. about the curling iron, wooh.. thats real cheap how much did you bought it all in all including the shipping fee :) bw, i followed you too ^__^
    hope we keep in touch ~_^

  3. the total was about $47, but I don't see anymore on amazon for that cheap right now so I'll leave a link down below with the same brands of curlers so you can see the details of it :) by the way you posted a comment on my blog about what my hair color is, and it is light brown with blonde highlights blended in it~ ;) you are a super sweet girl~

    and this one is cheapest I found currently:

  4. lol. you can dye it any color you'd want, i guess. i do understand how people around you would feel about it. virgin hair!! it's so rare to see nowadays. keep us updated! :)

  5. @ vyvy: aw that's sad to know maybe i'll just going to see if there is a nice curling iron here in our place. ow thankweet too ^__^you for answering which type of hair color you have ,, really love it's blending your s and thankyou for giving me also the links ^__^

    @lena: yeah!! i will keep all of you upadated specially for my transformation hahaha.

  6. Haha loka loka! Filipina ako kita mo nga nagtatagalog ako hahahahaha! Thanks Marycris! Yours too!!! ♥♥♥

  7. Nice inspirations! I do love how Japanese girls go crazy with hair... I should do mine soon! haha.

    @toffinshan: LOL :DDD

  8. You know I used to think the same thing until I dyed my hair haha.
    My hair was the blackest black also!
    A few years ago I decided to go to a medium brown shade.
    From there I went to an orange brown.
    I just couldn't stop there though! I loved the way I looked so different so I tried a dark red, dark brown, blue black, dark brown again with orange/brown streaks, auburn, and now it's back to natural black.
    I really regret dying it in the first place though. From bleaching and continuously dying my hair, my hair became very weak and began to fall out. I have a lot of fly aways now.
    Black hair is very beautiful! If you do decide to dye it, don't go too overboard with trying new colors! Good luck ^^

  9. you already got a nice hair, but it's kinda boring when you always have the same hairstyle over and over again... maybe you should try something to enhanced your look...different look!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. Blah! I totally know the feeling hun. Last holidays I cactually tried to get mine to light brown and MY GOSH WAS THAT A MISTAKE! haha. Please let me know if you find any working products that'll do the trick! teehee


  11. cool ideas, i love curls!! Great post and great blog you have here. thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    follow each other? I always follow back!

    Couture Caddy

  12. WOW a lot of comments!! thankyou guys! i really appreciate it a lot :)

    @toffinshan: hindi ko talaga alam na pinoy ka walang bakas talaga eh hahaha.

    @bee:share it with us bee!

    @miko: thanks for the advice! don't worry eventhough i will make it sure that i won't torture my hair hehehe.

    @cutesprincess: thanks ! that's the point :) i want a different look because i think i'm already bored to how i look hehe

    @broken whimsy: aw! what a mess T_T i understand how it feels, let me inform you when i already have time to try it for myself :)

    @jacquii lie: thanks for visiting . yah sure if you want too ^__^


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