Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm not dead I JUST HAD THIS BLOGGER VACATION FOR A MONTH and I'm very much sorry for that guys. the main reason for not updating my blog is because of my work (that i end up resigning)which happened to be on a graveyard (night shift) schedule, YEAH! your definitely right, i slept at the morning and I'm awake at night time, To be honest it'very hard that's why i quit the job eventhough I'm enjoying my company their, with my officemates and the bussiness itself HEALTH is more important than anything else, and also the risk that I'm taking everytime I go to work. My house is very far from my place. I live near in novaliches and my work is on pasig, so I ended up resigning.

NOW i have more time for my blog and yes i know i really need to catch up for my delays I'm happy also that even I've been out for a while you guys are still visiting my blog, thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!

So guys expect a daily posting now. I'm also going to post my late updates regardin my purchases from the time i had my vacation :)

have a great day!


marycris :)


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