Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a catch up

Hello everyone! like what i promise I'm going to make up for my delays
geez.. I'm TOO EXCITED to share my thoughts to you guys again :)
yesterday i had fun with my favortie cousin. sh's mariel, it's actually an unplanned malling. I have no plans of going out that day however she texted me if we can meet up so we can have a little bonding again. We went to SM north EDSA and also to Trinoma  so here's my outfit:

so for the shoes i use my newly bought shoes.

i'm really loving this shoes because it's too comfortable to wear. the blouse that i'm wearing is actually new too. for more details, I'm going to preserve my thoughts for another entry :)

While we are together  at the mall we actually have nothing to do hahahah so we decided to go to LET'S FACE IT. its a derma/ face salon  which is popular here in the Philippines.  She wants to perm her lashes, and for me I just want to have a manicure so here is the pic ^__^

actually i just wanted a pink nails but they also offer  nail art so i said ok hehehe ^_^
uhmm for those wondering why i did not perm my lashes like what my cousin did is because i just had my perm last 2 weeks hehehehe I have a  separate post for that please stay tune :)

We ate at Tokyo- Tokyo  the foods their are good specially their tempura, and pork tonkathowever I don't like my oder -____- i ordered beef sukiyakiden but it doesn't taste good for me how bad i wasted my money T_T

sorry if i don't have a picture with my cousin because I'm too stupid to forgot about it!! hate myself. >.<
so that's it.hope you enjoy reading it even it seems like not too informative hehehe.
see you soon guys!


  1. good to see you back on blogging!
    your nails look so cute. match with your shoes? ;)

  2. Yay! you're back! i see really cute pink stuff :)

  3. @lena: i miss blogging so much :) thanks for the compliment about my nails ^_^

    @bee: heheheh. im starting to love pink! :)


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