Thursday, December 8, 2011

what's on my mind

Why does it's so rainy. Rain makes me feel sleepy, it  makes me feel lazy. I couldn't actually think of any reason to love rainy days besides of the cold weather  that gives our mind to calm and our body to rest however it's not beneficial to everyone. When it rains most of the street vendor and and the like has nothing to eat, why? it's because when they do not work they won't benefit anything when they don't benefit for a day thy don't have money to buy food ("isang kahid isang tuka").

Recently I'm having a problem with my capabilities. I don'T KNOW what's effin wrong with me why I cannot clean my room! gosh! I'm becoming lazier and lazier  huhuhu. I can't even afford to do my usual activites.

My birthday is coming! You what I never been this so excited. I know that i dont have any parties, money, or what so  ever for my birthday but i'm really counting how many sleeps i need to do before that day ^_^

Blog Renovation. I want to re invent my blog but i need the helping hand of my boyfriend regaring web designs and the like. my powers cannot hanndle it anymore hehehe


  1. Ngaww! HAPPY EARLY BDAY haha! Birthdays are exciting yet sad ): it makes me feel old. As for the laziness dont worry ~ honestly, i'm lazy all the time but i crack eventually and become super motivated. Usually when my rooms so messy that i cant walk haha. ^-^" btw im having trouble posting comments on chrome :| so i switched to my phone..

  2. thanks for the early greeting ^__^ yes i will grow a year older again anyways it doesn't matter hehe it's just a number. hahaha alot of people are lazy that's the truth i'm just lie you motivating yourself to be productive as well more thing when im cleaning my room i tend to be always super slow hbecause it's very messy as if it is a general room cleaning all the time . it's a good thing you can use your phone for posting i wish i could do that too however blogger doesn't allow it here in our country -__-


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