Friday, December 9, 2011

before i sleep

this are my newly purchase rings which happened i haven't shared with you guys. Oh Well here is it How i wish you loved it too as how much i love it. the one with the wing design reminds me of card captor sakura it makes me feel the ambiance of being young as a id that's why i bought it. the one with fingers are so EPIC for me hehehe i never saw something like this to other stores. with the carousel, it reminds me of cinderella. for the last ring, this shows my obsession with bows.


  1. these new rings you got are really cool, I love the wing design one!

  2. pretty!
    i like the bow ring. ;)

  3. love them all!! I too have an obsession with bows hahah

  4. the baby carriage one is adoable! i need it

  5. @pop champagne: thanks for loving it too yah the wing design is really cool :)

    @lena: bow ring when you wear is like the wing ring too :)) 2 holes ^_^

    @vyvy:bows are ow so cute ^___^

    @signetunisia: oh my, i just notice its a baby carriage and not a carousel hahaha

  6. these rings are so lovely!!!

    lindsey |

  7. i am obsessed with rings too! i happen to have the first two rings in my box! and the good is I bought them for not more than 25php each! great steal!

  8. @lindsey bows and arrow: thanks ^_^

    @eunica: really nice to hear that hehehe i also bought mine on a low price however your better cause you bought it on a lower price hehehe. (my message sounds like "is the price is right" game show or something hehehe)


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