Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let me do the talking

I composed myself first for the whole day before writing stuffs here on my blog. honestly I'm loving it this way writing before the day ends making entry post as lullabies, making a photodiary and things like that. 

My day started around 10 in the morning.I ate buttered breadand partnered it with a cup of mocha cappuccino. It's  a beautiful morning for me, I want to start the day with a positive thought that everything will go on smoothly and evenly.

I noticed that my dad already add as a design here at our house the japanese  lantern i gave him. 

I want to share to you this new belt and a pair of red shoes my aunt gave me, I used it already 2 or 5 times, it's simple however It's not that comfortable for walking, it always drops and becoming a sleeper - like - way when I'm using it. I'm planning to add something to it a ribbon lace maybe so it would me much better.

The whole day was dedicate for me for room general cleaning. I love it when my room is clean, finally I'm done with it. from floor up to the little corners of my room everything is in good condition. 

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