Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Eye lash perm story

I recently had my lashes permed at Let's Face It, Congressional branch (an anesthetic center here in the philippines) This is not my 1st time to do it it's actually my second time around my first experienced was also in Let's Face It however in a  different branch (Lipa, batangas) To be honest my first experience was not as beautiful as my second time, with my first experience my lashes don't curled up as how it is now maybe because of who ever assist me with the procedure ^_^ 

so this is how it goes they are going to put eye putty on your lids, placing a cylinder kind of sticker onto your eyelids then after that Slowly, your lashes will be pressed to the sticker to create the curl you ever wanted!  hehehe. It is during this procedure you feel your lashes being separated for a better and natural curled look ^__^ the perm solution will then be applied, then  your undereyes will be covered with tissue and your whole eyes scotch tape however on my 2nd time they skip this step. After 30 minutes or so, neutralizer solution will be applied and left for awhile. ad for the last step, the sticky roll will be taken out carefully and slowly.  you now have permed curled lashes! good for a month or two ^___^

So here's my pictures of my permed lashes ^_^ my friends envy me so much and they decided to do it so however they end up doing some Eyelash extentions so it would be more fabulous than mine hahaha LOLz What so ever ahaha.

The lady told me that I already have long lashes so perming is enough for me ^_^

This cost me Php270.oo I had it done during a routine facial. :) 

Will do this again definitely! I love the fact that I don't need to curl my lashes cause it just makes me pull or cut my lashe >_< this is a great option for me and also for those who want their lashes to be curl as well hehe.

that's all for now guys!
come and visit me again ehehe
spread happiness! love and peace!
marycris ^_^


  1. Nice results! I probably get mine done, as well!

  2. yes! i'm loving it ^_^ you should really give it a try.:)

  3. Pretty! looks good on you :">

  4. I will definitely try this very soon. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I've never heard of this but it really makes me want to get it done

  6. @nina: thankyou. ^_^

    @micmic: it is a must try heheh more affordable than eyelash extensions, its my pleasure to share good things to all of you guys ^_^

    @signeunisia: try it ^_^

  7. What a helpful post!especially since ive got straight asian eyelashes... this will save me the hassle of curling with a heated curler everyday



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