Thursday, January 5, 2012

batangas visit with a taste of photoshoot

Batangas is a province here in Philippines, We visit Batangas last  December 27,2011 It was their feast day also, But the main reason for visiting Batangas is because We have relatives in their that we love to visit also for a post Christmas celebration. To be honest my family often goes to Batangas at least 5 times or maybe 10 times a year however my dad don't take as around the cit T_T it's so sad for me because I know that there are a lot of good places that Batangas is known for beach resorts, historical places and the like, not to mention good foods too but haven't experience most of it.

Since most of our time are time are spent in the our grandpa's house me my cousins decided to go out to do some adventures hehehe and also a cousin bonding hehehe. It's a good thing that my cousin also brought with her, her dslr. it's bad thing for me because for all the things i could forget to bring, i forgot to bring my camera errr! 

It's a fun walk with them. We went to "Sidera" It's like a bazaar in the streets going to the church. we also went to the market hehehe. this things that I am mentioning do not have photos of me being stupid not bring her own cam .sigh. Ow before I forget it is also my first time to eat "bbq isaw baboy" I'm use to eat "bbq isaw manok" but after trying to eat that "isaw baboy"I'm inlove with it haha for others this would sound gross but for me it's yummy. I don't mind if my weak stomach would no tolearte it at that day haha I just keep eating and eating and thank God no violent reaction from my stomach. safe!

And for the photoshoot part here are the pictures :)

that's all for now guys. that's really a fun shoot how i wish i could repeat it again. To end this post I'm going to leave you with my cousin's photo shot by yours truly hehehe. :) 

have fun


  1. Bongga ng photos teh! Love the second one. Hope I could visit Batangas too. :)

    Visit my blog! Hope you like the new design!

  2. wow thankyou naman te! hehehe. try visiting batangas it's a really noce place :) kahit yung mga pinuntahan namin na yan eh mga typical place lng sa batangas pero maganda parin :)


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