Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012!

December is a really hectic month for most of us. I want to say sorry for the nth time for being always missing in action, maybe blogging  is fun but most of the time it's last on my list to do list T_T however I really want to make post as often as i could it just happened that I'm always out  and doing some adventures hahaha.

Since it's new year! let's start with simple questions. ^_^

what is my new year's resolution?

hahahaha.. the heck. To be honest this is the first time I'm going to think of something for the benefit of having a new year's resolution haha. Well changing, replacing, adding or removing is just part of the "betterment thingy." and me, i know that day by day I'm doing it.


DIET. it's something automatic. even it's not new year I'm Doing it. hahaha. AND PLEASE do add up some exercise my dear self :)

In terms of blogging...

I want to pursue this blog renovation that I'm always aiming for, unfortunately I don't have time or if i do have time my partner in crime(ivan will help me with the codes) don't have one.

TIME MANAGEMENT. There is a lot of things that i want to add to this blog like having post in vernacular(tagalog.)making a fan page. posting my product reviews and photodiaries.

I Guess I'm going to end my  first post for the year 2012 with this. I will make new post for other matter.

thanks for reading :)



  1. You speak tagalog?! Oh man, I really wish I could speak. ): But I sure do love watching filipino drama/movies. One of my favorites.

    Anyways, Happy New Year! (:
    & Have a great day.


  2. yes i know how to speak tagalog hehehe. there is an upcoming movie by angel locsin and john lloyd cruz hehe i dunno if you know it but the trailer looks good :)

  3. Omg, I envy you girl. I wish I could speak. & Yes I am full filipina. Matter of fact, I was born in the Philippines, lived there in my infant years, & moved to Hawaii when I was three. I love visiting the Philippines though. (:
    Anyways, I don't think I've seen the trailer yet. Haha, but I recently just watched No Other Woman and I loved the movie.

  4. OW really nice ^_^ maybe you can buy a english tagalog dictionary, me live here in phlippines that's why i'm very use to it hehe however we are encourage to speak english in the house coz my lil bro is poor in tagalog. i will post as a comment the link of the trailer on your blog.. :) how i wish i could put subtitles on it so you can get the catch easier. the movie is like semi comedy semi love hahah dunno how should i called but it's a love story which is also kinda funny haha. btw, about the no other women i just recently watched it too haha. Im inlove with the movie haha planning to watch it again sooner :)

  5. Really? Wow, & you're really good with your english. (: But thanks for the link to the trailer. It looks interesting. If it shows here in Hawaii, I'll most likely go watch it with my mom. Haha. Ever since they started showing more filipino movies here, my mom goes crazy and watches every movie. Haha.

  6. ow that's a compliment thankyou! Sometimes I'm a bit afraid of talking too much here in my blog because of the thought i might use terminologies which are not correct,you know I'm the typical type of kid back then here in Philippines who usually watch tagalog kid shows and scared to talk in english hahaha. unlike the new generation like my lil bro who are now fed with english shows and parents tend to make mode of communication through english I dunno with others but in my surroundings and in my observation it was that way hehe. filipino movies for me are really nice to be honest I'm not a movie type person but i tend to spare some of my time watching filipino movies :)


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