Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birthday celebration day 2!

Hi guys! I'm back to share the part 2 of my birthday bash! It was held at trinoma again with my friends form highschool and my with my ever loving boyfriend Ivan. We ate at Northpark trinoma and almost spent most of our time there. We walk around the mall and do some girl thing hehehe shopping. ^_^ however the higlight of that day is when we all decided to take some barkada pictures. It's already a long time since we have one,3 to 4 years ago i guess  so we all  went to Great image from the name itself they make images which are great so we all give it a try. To be honest When i was still a kid and doing this VTR thing which up to now i  still don't know haha all i know is that my mom back then is auditioning me for commercials then that's it hahaha going back to the main topic so we went to great image. The price is kinda great too hahaha for us it is expensive already  for more infos about them just check them to their websites or like their page on facebook. I REALLY LOVE the outcome however I still cannot post it because I havent yet get it.

picture of me and my boyfriend while waiting for the cake.

Looking for something inside my bag.

Playing with the camera. preparing the cake is too slow T_T

He is shy he doesn't want me to take pictures of him >.< 

failed to take pictures of other food. T_T very sorry.

Pictures while eating with friends.

Playing around haahaha such a camwhore!

Better pictures of us ^_^

And me and my bf again :)

so that's the end. I hope you enjoy reading my post hehehe. have to go! I still do have a lot of things to do.Until next time guys :)



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