Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Good morning my dear readers ^_^ I'm very excited to tell you  how did my birthday go, It was not as extravagant as other have it was just simple 2 day celebration with people whom I've been super duper close.

I'm not a party person, First I'm not good at entertaining large crowd. I only want things to be simple and in relax mode. I want to give my parents also a comfort day as also what i wanted every time my birthday arrives. In short my birthday is a hassle  free day yet full of things to do ^__^

Let see how my day goes ^__^

I actually woke up around four in the morning.Me and my mom decided to start my day attending the mass at quiapo church. I also bring my sister with me hehe. Quiapo is actually one of the places i love going to, The crowd may not be pleasing thou for others however who the hell cares. Besides of the beautiful aged church there, you also going to buy alot of good stuffs in quiapo from Head to toe. A lot cheaper than going to malls, also a lot better and beautiful designs. You will find unique buys at Quiapo.

This is how the Quiapo church looks like. I do not own the picture.
all of us are very hungry after the mass. We go straight ahead to jollibee just to be safe that we are going to eat a clean and decent food. Sorry but i'm a little bit scared to try eating at the carenderia's in quiapo at that time because it's my birthday and i still do have a lot of schedules to accomplish that day. I don't what to ruin my own day just because of me being so adventurous hehehe, After all I LOVE Jollibee specially their Longanissa breakfast meal serve with hot choco uhmm so yummy :)(photo: credits to the owner)

As of now palanca street in quiapo is one of my favorite because you can find here the "WELLMANSON SHOP" and also the other shops which sells accessories in a very low prices! Not to mention it prices will be much lower of you are going to buy in wholesale. I've bought a lot of stuffs here and I would do a separate post for that.(photo: credits to the owner)
One of the beautiful places to go to also in Quiapo is the Hidalgo street also called Photographer's paradise Camera's here are sell also on a very low prices.When i alread have eough money I will go straight to this place and buy a camera! (photo: credits to the owner)

After that shopping, I told them that we need to go home because Ivan is waiting for me. We also need to cook pancit before having our lunch date ^_^ F.Y.I pancit is a food here in the philippines made with noodles, vegatbels and meat. We cooked Pancit Canton. ^_^
Pancit Canton. yummy ^__^  We cooked many so we can share also some for our neighbors. It's a good practice of filipinos that our family is still doing now. Sharing.

Then we went to SM NORTH EDSA. stroll stroll ^_^

Then to Trinoma. ^_^

Looking for new clothes again shop , shop, shop hehehe.

Ivan bought a cake for me so sweet ^_^

Here's the message ^_^

Picture before going home hehehe.

So guys that's it! that's the way i spent my december 17 hehehe. hope you enjoy reading my post! stay tune for my Birthday bash part 2! ciao ~marycris.


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  2. oh my, im so flattered ehehe, you are so pretty too :)


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