Saturday, January 28, 2012

Make up tutorial simple way of making your eyes look BIG.

My first ever Make up tutorial. I'm not a make up expert however I want to show this trick that I'm doing in times i want to have that Big eyes effect on my face. It's easy and it's fun to do so let's get started ^_^

first of all conceal or your blemishes and apply for favorite  fondation I use my Sansan concealer  and my  Cool Betty liquid moist firming foundation.

Next to that fix your eyebrows I skip that part since this tutorial focuses on how to make eyes look BIG.  What I'm doing know is putting a White eyeshadow before that I put a primer first. Primer by ELF PRIMER FOR EYES liquid form and the eyeshadow is from Careline pallate and it's basically just white.You can use a different brand too ^__^

and now i put in a "V"form don't forget the lower line so it would not look like akward hehe. black  eyeshadow only the half outer portion don't put it on your whole eyes. the eyeshadow is use is from ELF. The inner half, I put a white shimmer something like that effect hehehe i don't know how to describe, the product i use is Color Design in creme lustre(shimmer).

We are almost done. just put an eyeliner, wing it!  i use EverBilena liquid eyeliner in black. Put some Mascara then your eyes are done! I use SO BIG mascara volume by Nature republic.

So this is the comparison ^_^ you can add false eyelashes to make it more better You can also wear contact lenses. have fun guys! 


  1. Nice tutorial ^^
    I will try this some time~

    Thanks for following me, I'm following back now <3

    1. thankyou for following bacck. ^_^ i will do more tutorials soon :))


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