Saturday, February 4, 2012

REVIEW: Tupperware lipsticks and Nail Polish Golden Godess Collection

Last December My tita gave me this gifts! the first set is a birthday git and the other one is a christmas gift 

This is the first time I encountered a  Beauty product that is made of Tupperware brand. Thanks to my Tita  for giving this to me.

Here are my swatches  I could say that  my favorite between the two is the Aurora i like how natural looking it is on my lips and it looks like young lookigng too.on the other hand I also like the Selene because it gives that rosy looking lips.

The Verdict:

I like it because it is super easy to apply  and the nail polish matches the color of the lipsticks The negative part is that its hard to find! 
Maybe i will just be a Tupperware dealer hehehe.


  1. those were just pretty shades/ them too =) thanks for sharing..


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