Thursday, February 16, 2012

A day with my family

Last Saturday we went to SM north EDSA to accompany my lil bro for the beyblade mini tournament(?)hehehe i dunno if it's a tournament but all kids gather in SM The Block and played there. 

We took our lunch at the mall and decided to eat at flavours of  china.
I've ate hear a lot of times but this is my first time to share my dear experience. note that we did not really intended to eat here It's just near the tournament hehehe and we are lazy to walk around and find a not crowded resto.

yanchao rice! our all time favorite My parents love the pancit. I just ate hahahaha.  :)


  1. I feel hungry when I saw your post. Yum!

  2. Lovely photos and cute blog!
    Check out my latest post and let me know if you like it =)

    1. thanks ylenia! sure i will do that soon :)


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