Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday High

If you could still remember guys what I felt this past few days ago, It continues until now .Cute Emoticons I know it's not good to full myself with negative emotions, It's not also good to b public/ drowning myself too much with that thought but I also now that expressing my feelings would help a lot for me to feel better.Cute Emoticons

I am thinking of so many things right now I actually don't need to be problematic but what I am concern of is my future. It is already 1 year after I graduated from college I only worked for 2 or 4 months then what now? I  end up as a professional bystander. I am not lazy I just can't find a job for my self well it's not a different story here in the Philippines a lot of graduates end up being unemployed. Cute Emoticons I also hate the fact that when you stay in the house for too long you end up being miserable. Miserable for doing nothing. I must admit due to that I tend to be dramatic and easily irritated >_< 

Because of me being emo I invited my boyfriend to go out. He don't want to why? HE IS TIRED OF WORK AND THERE IS A STORM COMING. I can't take it I know in few minutes i will be totally pissed off  here in my crib I am really angry and almost bursting I don't want to burst I don't want to hurt anyone just because I am irritable and my boyfriend added up with my sad/angry feeling. I tried to contact my bestfriend but unfortunately she can't accompany me too. I felt like I am super alone and I cannot do anything but i still want to go out cause I am already reaching my boiling points.

Thank God one of my close friend responsed to my wall post in fb that I am looking  for someone who could come with me just to chill. this happened last Sunday.

I reallt enjoyed that moment! stress was release! patience was revitalized.

Pictures! stress reliever. love it.


  1. Be positive dear. I know God has a reason for everything. Just don't lose hope. =)

    1. chunny, thankyou for your kind words. yes your right God has A GOOD reason for all of this. I ask for his guidance and if he could please give me a sign so I would know what to do... it's really hard for me.


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