Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Color my world strawberries when i sleep

A little something I did for Irish. 2 weeks ago I invited my dearies friend Irish here in my beloved home. For no reasons at all just to chill and relax. Being our dearest selves is a form of relaxation for us. In our world most of the time we need to neglect our crafts that is so sad to say but we choose this so we need to live with it. She is in the medical field  she is a Physical Therapist when she is a PT she need to focus more on it rather than our artistic sides. I am  Nurse turn into a call center agent then turn into an office girl. my story is more twisted noh? hehehe. Get together is the most rewarding way for us because we can be 100% real.
I call this picture "dreaming in the green moonlight." This is a lomo - inspired process. I want to make it clear that this is not from a lomo camera.
This is my favorite of her . The emotion given here are just amazing. I love her eyes I love the angle. I also want a photo like this but let's give it to her hehehe. 
She told me that she want it to be just like a girl who is sleeping. So I just instruct her to sleep. hehehehe 

This are just few of the photos that were taken. Hope it looks good. We really enjoyed this time.


  1. Lovely photos. =)


    1. Hello chunny sorry if i haven't replied on your email because I've been busy this past few days. I've been super excited reading your email! and i actually love the job decription it's true that it is AMAZING! I am imagining working with you my dear co- blogger ^_^ however I am not sure leaving my comfort zone which is here with my family plus i already have a job. Thankyou so much anyways!

  2. i could somehow relate to your life. hahha. mind if we follow each other? the above photos were great! Why don't you do some modeling gig?

    1. Hi Jonna! first of all thankyou for following its good to know hat someone can relate to my thoughts I thought I am just the one who can uderstand my entires here in my blog ^_^ and sure thing! I will follow you back! Well for modeling gig? I think I don't have that enough guts so flaunt my self infront of the crowd or infront of photogrphers hehehe too shy. let's get conneced always! :)


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