Monday, April 16, 2012

Goal for next week

Just recently while reading. I realize to be more productive, I should get back with my old habbit "writting in papers" undeniably when you start to right things using paper and pen  you tend to remember it more rather than just mentioning it to yourself. Doing it makes someone more organize and leads to productivity and when your productive the most Deadliest disease: BOREDOM is far away from reality. It also makes someone more focus and goal oriented. 

So for this week this is what I want to achieve

1.Have a pocket notebook.
2.Have a ball point.
3.Write anything under the sun.
4.compose my thoughts more.

for a startet this is only my goal for the week. Will level up after that week. :)


  1. yes, a small and handy notebook is very helpful! i tend to be forgetful at times so having a small size notebook really works. and as a blogger, it helps a lot to :)

    1. Before I just face my lappy then I will write now I will compose my thoughts first ^_^ this way I can be more substantial. <3

  2. I have that problem too, way back years when I was still in school and its summer vacation. I really didn't know what to do but in order to kill time I also read some pocket books and sometime blog hopping ^_^~ Goodluck =)

    1. I think I already hve a solution to that "Boredom" thingy hehehehe. What i want now is to be more focus hehehe.


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