Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Amirah's 1st Birthday!

Hey, hey, hey!  Nag  birthday na ang pinaka mamahal kong anak na si Amirah and it's her first birthday  kaya I am really focus how I am going to make it exclusive, simple, solemn  but still fun.

Since Amirah is an only Apo  wala pa syang mga pinsan na pwdeng umattend sa isang kiddie party, that's why I  didn't made it that way but I made the whole occasion colorful.

That's me while fixing the baloons,  Ako lang kasi matyaga gumawa ng ganyan and I cannot rust anyone to do it for me.

and ow well our family photo, mukhang sad si Amirah dito but she is very happy the whole day medyo shy lang sya sa camera hehe,
The spagetti I cooked for the party.
Cupcakes that I baked since mahal mag order haha. I just do it  nalang and Hotdogs with marshmallows. I remember before when I was still a kid hindi eto mawawala sa mga kiddie party.

Kare - kare for the win! There is also  Krispy ulo  pero di ako nakapag pa picture haha.  for dessert I made some Mango Sago .

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