Saturday, March 4, 2017

Life is Full of Sunshine and some touch of storm.

Hey!  from now on I will be posting here again anything and everything that I can share to everyone.  It is good to track even the small  good things that can  happen so I am really aiming that I can blog more often.

Since I will start all over again. this are the little changes that will happen to my blog.


1. I've realized that many netizen who come here on my blog are also my fellow pinoys so this blog       will be taglish ( tagalog - english)  mas madali kasi eto para sa ating nakakarami diba? and also to       encourage more people to read more often.  I don't know but sa tingin ko mas madali talaga mag         basa or gumawa ng isang bagay sa paraan na sanay ka. As a filipino I don't talk straight tagalog in       my everyday living  to be honest.

2. EXPECT  baby   pictures most of the TIME    last year I gave birth  to my amazing little baby girl      and she is Amirah.

3. Throwback stories. looking back 2014, 2015, 2016 yan ang mga taon ng  pag babago sa aking               buhay.   2014-2015 people come and go in my life there is a lot of struggles in my former work           and I had  many reasons of quiting  those years are really struggles for me in the whole aspect of
    my life pero sabi nga nila what didn't kill you makes you more stronger.



I am very happy to hear anythingn from you feel free to comment ^_^