Saturday, December 1, 2012

DECEMBER is freaking me out!

Ow yeah!!! it's December! It's my birth month AND I am so happy! it may be the end of the year though :/ so fast right? and yeah this year gave me SO MANY things I have learned a lot and Yes I could proudly say that I became a BETTER person. A lot of changes have happened but this made me realize that, Yes I am still lucky inspite every challenges that happened to my career AND even there is a down side  it's  still FUN ^_^

Next in line are my pictures from my recent photoshoot. I am really happy with the result! It's acually my first time working with somebody else. All my photos before are captured by my bestfriend , cousin mariel  and  some friends. Josh, the photographer that day was actually a complete stranger for me so I am a bit shy  on the set? hahaha should I called a set hehehe.

In this photo I really want to lay down on the floor! But since I am a bit shy I just sat down.
Like what I have said I am shy hahaha so I am not smiling. >.<

The theme for the pictorial is "SUMMER" kinda weird right? It's December but they want that summer-y vibe. Well I do have an explanation for that. It's because, This photos are for pagaent and yes, I am one of the contestants. SINCE DAY ONE! I have never thought becoming  a contestant in a beauty/muse etc contest hahaha and it's kinda shocking for me that I have never did this in my entire school life and now I am working, It did happened. Anyways I hope that the end result will turn out the best for all of us. ^_^
So what can you say guys? Do you have experiences with things like this or such? Please do comment! It will be much appreciated! I AM REALLY NERVOUS  hehehe. I actually don't want to put so much pressure and stress to myself however it's stressful and us the day passes by, It's kinda freaking me out a little. HAHAHA. I hope you guys can help me! thanks for reading! ciao!


I am very happy to hear anythingn from you feel free to comment ^_^